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Why choose us?

All our software was written with pride by highly-skilled programmers from our own countries. (It is most definitely not a hastily patched piece of imported software, like some rival software who we will forebear to name.)

If you ever need to call us for help and advice, you will be speaking to a fully trained member of our support team from our own countries whose native language is English. (We would eat worms before we asked our valued customers to speak to third-world call centres!)

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But that's enough of blowing our own trumpet, you may say. What do other people say about us? Here is a sample:-

PC Plus gave our software a five-star review *****

PC Magazine named us Editor's Choice

What PC made us their Recommended Buy

Our customers have been relying on our software since April 1982. That's over 25 years of putting our customers first.

We have always remembered that software must be simple to use and completely reliable, and that our valued customers must always receive friendly and professional help and advice from our team.

Learning your new accounts software can almost be fun.

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