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The main features of the software include:-

* Every standard accounts function. (Just ignore any features you don't need).
* Cashbook. Very easy to use.
* VAT (including local and EU reports and rules).
* Sales Invoicing (with
very many options and features).
* Ledgers (Sales Debtors, Purchase Creditors and Nominal/General Ledgers).
* Customer Statements. Can be formatted to your own company layout.
* Product file / stock ledger / inventory control. Services can be held as a product.
* Sales Order Processing. Includes ability to earmark current stock to orders.
* Purchase Order Processing.
* Bill of Materials / Product Assembly and costing. Tests stock levels for a build.
* Parts Explosion. Up to 64 levels as standard.
* Job Costing. Completed jobs can be turned into sales invoices.
* Salesperson's areas and commissions.
* Customer multiple discounts and special prices.
* Sales and purchase historic analysis.
* Management Reporting. Includes complete reports for all ledgers.
* Budgetting.
* Profit-and-loss reports constantly updated in real-time.
* Multi-currency. Copes with both EU and non-EU imports and exports.
* Multi-user (up to 1,024 simultaneous users on a network).
* Multiple stock depots and locations.
* Inventory valuations using FIFO or AVCO.
* Barcode recognition. To EAN8 and EAN13 standards.
* Multi-company. Up to 1,024 companies for corporate groups and accountants.
* Data interchange with third-party software using ASCII and CSV.
* Everything is fully integrated. One entry updates all relevant files and ledgers.
* The whole system was designed for exceptional use-of-use and reliability.
* For Windows 2000, XP and Vista running on Pentium Pro PCs and above.


This is what the Main Menu looks like. The whole system is designed to be easy to use, and the simple tutorial included with the software will help you feel at home with accounts software quicker than you might ever have thought possible.

Screenshot of Main Menu


Of course, no single one of our customers uses all the features and functions available in the software. Do not worry that you might need to learn the whole system, because you can simply ignore the parts that are not relevent to your own business.

We always remember that we are competing for your valued custom against our rivals. Not only do we offer all the features (and usually more) that our competitors offer, but we also take pride in our service. We hope that soon you will be happy that you made a decision to choose us.

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