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Accounts for profit?

Did you know that a proper accounts system can make a real contribution to the profits of your business?

Lots of businesses are started by craftsmen, who make a superior product, or by talented salesmen who have a knack of gaining customers. Most new businessmen think of keeping accounts as a rather unpleasant chore imposed on them by banks and taxmen.

The whole truth is rather different. Many businesses manage to produce good cashflow by offering excellent goods and services, and gaining a large customer base, but then wonder where their profits went!

Over the more than 25 years that we have been in business, we have helped many of our customers to dramatically increase their profit margins. Their investment in using our accounts software has paid for itself many times over.

Some of the ways that our software can help you increase your profits are:-

1. Your customers will pay you quicker when your invoices and statements are professional and accurate.

2. You can plan cashflow from your Purchase Ledger, to take maximum credit from your suppliers, but without incurring credit stops.

3. You will have faster and simpler credit control, to reduce outstanding debtors.

4. You can minimise the cost of stock holding, but without disappointing your customers with out-of-stocks.

5. Full control over your finances will enable you to optimise your valuations and depreciations for reduced taxes.

6. Having a clear financial picture of your business will help you negotiate better loan terms from your bank.

7. You will keep your customers happy with reliable and accurate order processing.

8. The software will help you budget your profits and cashflow.

9. You will know exactly what goods and services are producing you the best profits.

10. Your staff will always know which sales orders are outstanding and are the most urgent.

When we reflect on the profits that we have helped our customers to keep, we can honestly say that our prices are very affordable. It might even pose the question,
"Can you afford not to use our software?"

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